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Surprising Facts About WiFi You Probably Didn’t Know

As WiFi becomes more and more important in our daily lives it’s peculiar to think that many of us have a limited grasp of what it is. We’ve put together a few surprising facts about WiFi that you may not already know! Don’t forget to let us know which ones amazed you the most on Twitter.

  • Wireless is More Than Just WiFi

There are so many more forms of wireless technology in use today than just WiFi. Mobile phones and tablet devices use a combination of WiFi and cellular internet services using what is known as 3G systems to browse the internet.

You know those people who look like they’re talking to themselves in the car? They’re actually using Bluetooth – another popular form of wireless networks. In the same thread of Bluetooth is the less commonly used Infrared. Infrared also allows you to connect devices wirelessly, however it requires both devices to be in very close proximity and therefore less convenient for users.

  • Microwaves Can Affect WiFi Networks

Does your YouTube video buffer a bit more than usual when you’re heating up your leftover takeaway in the microwave?
Microwaves release a vast amount of energy when in use and that can interfere with your WiFi signal considerably.
To put this into context, microwave ovens generally produce about 1,000 watts which is 10,000 times more than the signal your Wi-Fi gives off. Typically, this is contained by the outside of the microwave but it only takes a tiny leak for it to disrupt your signal.

You’ve probably never even noticed that your microwave has this effect on your signal – so make sure you keep an eye out next time!

  • WiFi Can Travel Great Distances

While many WiFi networks are typically for domestic use, and commonly have a range of around 30m, specially developed WiFi networks can reach more than 275km in distance by using WiFi range extenders.
So maybe that back bedroom with the sketchy connection may finally be able to link to the WiFi after all! Be aware that domestic WiFi signal may fall far short of 10 metres if there are heavy obstructions such as walls, heavy-duty appliances or electronics running in close proximity.

  • WiFi Does Not Affect Health

We hear it a lot in the news … WiFi is dangering our families! WiFi must be switched off at night to avoid illness! In fact, there has been no scientific evidence to suggest illnesses are attributed to WiFi signals.

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