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New Year’s Resolutions For Businesses

We often consider new year’s resolutions to be beneficial; maybe stopping smoking, perhaps losing some weight, or taking up a new hobby? As business owners, we rarely state our resolutions for our companies or how we can improve and prosper over the coming year. At Live WiFi we think that it’s time to change that and set some goals on improving our businesses during 2017 to create even more success.

  • Better planning

No matter what the size of your business is, planning is always essential to moving forward as a healthy, growing company.
Better planning can help you avoid costly mistakes and stay on track better, as well as feeling more relaxed and confident going ahead.

Planning allows you to note what works and what needs amending whilst setting new goals and directions.

  • Creating new events

Got a gap in your week that isn’t as busy as usual? Fill it with a new event that will attract new customers. Networking events are great to attend or even host as they generally occur during the day time when business may be slow, they can attract lots of people and allow you to build your own connections with the business people who attend.
Obviously, the type of business you are will reflect the category of event you host, but new connections will benefit your business greatly during the upcoming year.

  • Promote some offers

Have some New Year offers. This doesn’t have to mean simply offering sales prices, get creative, instead of offering an item at a lower price, offer additional layers of value to products or services you already sell. Promoting your offers and discounts gets new people through the door allowing to see the value of your brand.

The key is to be as creative as you can to stand out from the rest. Use traditional advertising methods such as flyers, posters and signage as well social media.

  • Have a spruce up

Think about decorating your space and giving it new life for the year ahead. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think – making a few minor changes here or there can make a big difference.
Changing small accessories and moving your layout around can have a great effect, inject some energy back into your space and is a lot cheaper than completely redecorating.

  • Rebranding

In a similar strand to sprucing up, why not rebrand your logo for the new year? Sometimes logos can look dated and if you want your business to keep rolling with the times, it is wise to rebrand.
If you’re becoming more and more involved in social media marketing, a strong logo design will help you stand out on your various platforms.
The new design doesn’t have to stray too far away from your original but an updated and fresh look could have a positive effect on raising awareness of your business and boost sales.


  • Free WiFi

We’re biased, but we think adding WiFi to your business for 2017 is the ideal resolution for moving forward over the upcoming year.
An internet facility is a must for customers these days, so ensuring your broadband connection can cope with the demand will go a long way in placing your brand right in the heart of the customers.
There’s nothing worse than sitting down with a large coffee and the intention of catching up on emails to find that the WiFi connection is less than your 3G connection. Coffee shops, gyms, hotels, leisure centres and buses are all places where customers now expect to able to use a free WiFi connection, make sure your business is not left behind.

Contact us today to book your FREE WiFi audit, a service which will ensure your WiFi is easily accessible, high quality and cost effective.


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