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Hotel WiFi – necessity not luxury

Your customers are loving the changes you’ve made to the lobby area and your new branding is a hit, but what else can dramatically increase business and make your customer’s overall satisfaction soar for less cost? Your guests have spoken, and what they want is WiFi.

It’s true! Research has shown that there is only one thing that guests would prefer over a complimentary breakfast or even free parking, and that is hotel WiFi. Of course, great service, clean premises and other quality amenities are all huge factors in hospitality but before guests try the comfort of the bed or the quality of the breakfast, they’re testing the power of your WiFi, so it’s important to get it right.

Hotel guests have already spent money and time searching for the right hotel for their trip and in this day and age, WiFi is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Modern travellers never want to be offline, it’s important that they’re always connected, and hotels need to keep up. This is especially important for business guests who need remote access to their emails and clients during their stay.
In fact, a study by Motorola Solutions revealed that over 90% of business travellers want WiFi access in their rooms, while a third stated they would not return to a hotel that did not meet this expectation. That’s potentially some serious business being lost!

It’s not just business guests who want a hotel WiFi connection, leisure travellers are also eager to be online.  Perhaps it’s to share images they’ve taken of local attractions near your hotel on their social media or to share some reviews of tourist activities and research ideas for the following day.

Integrating hotel WiFi into your marketing strategy will impact bookings by up to 73% – beating the likes of your location on what guests are looking for. Research by Trip Advisor reveals that WiFi is the most important in-room amenity to today’s travellers, especially millennials.
It is a fact that guests will not return to a hotel if they have a bad WiFi experience.

Did you know that your positive reviews are directly proportional to the speed of your hotel’s WiFi network, which have a massive impact on your direct revenue.

Offering hotel WiFi is one thing, but it is of critical importance to your guests that the quality of connection is up to scratch. Guests don’t only want WiFi, they also want it fast.
If the hotel is unable to support the bandwidth required for the number of guests using it, the connection may start to slow for all guests who are accessing the internet. In this case, you may need to upgrade to a higher service in order to maintain a solid connection.
Just because integrating WiFi into hotels is a new concept, it shouldn’t be treated as such. If the shower or air conditioner was not performing to optimum efficiency, they’d be repaired or replaced with a better model and the same goes for the hotel’s WiFi. Poor quality internet service could translate into a painful loss of business if you’re not careful.

Live-WiFi provides quality WiFi, telecoms and marketing data services for major hotel brands and independents alike. Our fully compliant service puts you in control of the content your guests see and how long they stay on-line.
Sound good? Our WiFi Audit is a free service which will ensure your WiFi is easily accessible, high quality and cost effective. Contact us for a no obligation visit.

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