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Why Do Gyms Need Free WiFi?

Whether you’re a small independent gym or a chain of fitness centres across the UK, you should really consider providing a free WiFi service to your members.
As gyms are now a social hub for friends to enjoy keeping fit, chatting and enjoying a healthy snack, when gym-goers take a break from their workouts, they’re definitely going to log in.

Research has found that when choosing a gym, many people base their choices on whether or not the gym has a reliable and free Wi-Fi network. But why is wireless internet at the gym so important to these customers?

Firstly, most places your clients go provide a WiFi connection so why should the gym be any different? Gyms are known for being innovative and fast paced – so places with this reputation would surely provide WiFi to their customers.

What song gets you pumped for a workout? Is it a cheesy pop track or an 80s rock anthem? Whatever your go-to power tune is, your customers will want to listen to their motivating playlists while they exercise. If your gym doesn’t make it easy for your customers to access their Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or Deezer accounts on their smartphones, without using most of their monthly mobile data, they will definitely be unhappy and possibly take their business elsewhere.

There are plenty of fitness apps out there and they’re great for keeping gym users motivated when achieving fitness goals. In order to take advantage of the fitness apps currently available, people need a WiFi connection to use so they don’t eat through all of their monthly data.

It is not only apps which the modern gym goer requires WiFi for. There is everything from booking classes, accessing training schedules, to posting workout selfies and beyond. Whether people like it or not – everyone is using their mobile device to get online in the gym.
Without a WiFi connection, your customers might not be able to access their calendars to check on their availability for the classes your gym offers, along with seeing if they have time for a session with one of your personal trainers.

As many gym goers attend before work or during a lunch hour, they need constant access to their emails whilst they’re away from their desk. If your gym doesn’t offer these members a high-quality wireless connection, paying customers might take their monthly dues to your competitor. A gym without WiFi is missing out on plenty of potential customers.

What turns a good gym into a great gym is its ability to be as much about relaxation as it is about exercise. What’s more relaxing than sitting in the café enjoying a smoothie or healthy snack and catching up on the daily headlines or social media after a heavy workout session? Except the sauna and steam rooms, of course!

A gym membership is counted as a luxury to many people so you need to provide all the components for members to feel like they’re getting the most value for their money, and offering WiFi is an attractive benefit that you can utilise to ensure you’re getting something back beyond a monthly membership fee.

In the fiercely competitive market of fitness, you need to stay ahead of the game and this is done by keeping members happy, connected and coming back.
If you’re a gym or fitness centre and would like more information about setting up your own WiFi network, we’re here to help. Our fully compliant service puts you in control of the content your customers see and how long they stay on-line. Speak to one of our colleagues today and see what solutions we can provide for you. Visit our website for more information and to book a Free WiFi audit.


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