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Hotel WiFi – necessity not luxury


Your customers are loving the changes you’ve made to the lobby area and your new branding is a hit, but what else can dramatically increase business and make your customer’s overall satisfaction soar for less cost? Your guests have spoken,

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New Year’s Resolutions For Businesses

We often consider new year’s resolutions to be beneficial; maybe stopping smoking, perhaps losing some weight, or taking up a new hobby? As business owners, we rarely state our resolutions for our companies or how we can improve and prosper

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Give Your Customers the Gift of Wi-Fi This Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and doesn’t it come around far too quickly? Shopping during this period is difficult; with the huge crowds, repetitive festive tunes blasting, and chilly weather. Let your business be a shelter of welcome solitude

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Northampton Leisure Trust

As of September 2016, we are pleased to announce that Northampton Leisure trust has chosen Live-Wifi to manage their WiFi services across all sites, facilitating a quality service and allowing them access to vital user data. Since its launch in

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What Are The Benefits To Coffee Shops Who Provide Wifi?

The humble coffee shop is the middle ground between being at the office and being at home. It is the place people go when they need to get work done and concentrate but also be comfortable, grab a bite to

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Why Do Gyms Need Free WiFi?

Whether you’re a small independent gym or a chain of fitness centres across the UK, you should really consider providing a free WiFi service to your members. As gyms are now a social hub for friends to enjoy keeping fit,

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Surprising Facts About WiFi You Probably Didn’t Know

As WiFi becomes more and more important in our daily lives it’s peculiar to think that many of us have a limited grasp of what it is. We’ve put together a few surprising facts about WiFi that you may not

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Common problems when providing Free WiFi

Offering free WiFi access to your customers is proven to help you build brand loyalty and boost sales— as long as your network is reliable, reasonably secure, and meets expectations. However, you can’t just set up your wireless network and

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4 Reasons your business should be providing Free WiFi

You want your business to stand out from the rest and to attract a loyal, returning customer base. This can be done in the usual ways through offering promotions such as a sales,  special offers or providing discounts for specific

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